How PikAssist works

The PikAssist automatically cuts the stem off the mushroom for the worker and gently folds mushrooms directly into tills, punnets, or boxes. This allows harvesters to achieve picking rates that are typically 2-3 times faster compared to current techniques, all while automatically achieving weight targets.

A growing bed of healthy mushrooms stretches into the background

Enhance your existing mushroom farming equipment

PikAssist can be easily incorporated alongside your commercial mushroom growing equipment and instantly double – or triple! – your mushroom harvester’s efficiency.

Easy integration

Purchase any number of PikAssists, install them in minutes, and use your existing picking lorries.

Advanced tracking

Every till or box is automatically filled to its target weight, and assigned to individual workers to track efficiency.

Individualized configuration

Set specific weight goals or use the group configuration option to set up multiple devices at once.

Rechargeable batteries

Included batteries will last for 8 hours, and can easily be changed on the fly and plugged in to charge for the next shift.

Data collection

All production data is automatically downloaded to the PikBridge app and saved to be accessed at any time.

PikAssist Software

Configure and collect data with the PikBridge App

The PikBridge application automatically sets profiles for each PikAssist. With profiles set, the worker starts harvesting to their targets, with no training needed.

All harvester production data is collected in real-time and clearly communicated within the PikBridge App providing in-depth, actionable harvest data that can be used to monitor picker rates, simplify worker payment, incentivize efficiency, and more.

About the PikAssist team

We’ve been providing improvements to the mushroom industry for over 15 years. Our focus on increasing efficiency led to the development of tools that boost quality, traceability, and simplify customer order tracking. Our experience in efficiency improvements for mushroom farms naturally led us to tackle the next great challenge faced by mushroom farms: harvest room labor.

Freshly picked mushrooms are held out in a pair of hands