How it works

Supervisors use our mushroom harvesting software to define custom profiles of package types, and upload these profiles to each of the PikAssist for the day’s work. From here, workers select which profile to use with buttons on the PikAssist. Supervisors then use the app to view dashboards showing harvest quantities and worker rates for each package type in real-time.

The Application

Mushroom Harvesting Software

PikBridge is available for iOS and Android devices, and provides direct wireless connection to your PikAssist’s. You can:

  • Download production data for each machine to be sent to the cloud
  • Configure up to 3 loading profiles onto each machine from a library of up to 100
  • Log machine status and alarms
  • Calibrate individual or groups of devices
  • Configure details such as conveyor speed and box/lug data that will be used for the profiles
  • Set target weights for each package type to be filled.

Enhanced data for commercial mushroom growing systems

The PikAssist doesn’t just provide you with labor-saving harvest efficiency, it brings a whole different perspective to harvester management. You can track:

  • Average and maximum picking rate calculations for each machine
  • Pounds picked for each profile type, each day (or parts of a day) for each machine
  • Payment to picking workers
  • Alarms and event reports for each picker