Upgrade your Mushroom Farming Equipment

The PikAssist is a small piece of equipment that aids the picker by allowing them to efficiently harvest mushrooms with both hands without worrying about stem-cutting.








Automatic Weighing

Eliminate filler or pack-room weighing by programming to any weight specification.


Gentle Handling

Mushrooms are gently folded into punnets/tills to ensure and maintain the highest quality.


Smart Design

Ample space on the lorry for full and empty nestiers/boxes, minimizing the number of times the picker needs to offload.



Powered by low voltage, rechargeable batteries.


Stem Disposal

Automatic stem trimming and collection of stems to keep work area tidy.



Lightweight design for easy movement between lorries, while easily installed to all lorry styles

How it Harvests

The PikAssist sits directly on the picking lorry, beside the worker, and has been designed to take no more room than the worker currently uses.

Picked mushrooms are placed into the PikAssist fingers, where they are moved through a stem cutter and then into the container. For boxes, the box is filled to the target weight automatically. For tills, the PikAssist folds mushrooms into each till separately and ensures each till’s target weight is met.

Rows of stacked mushroom beds stretch to the back of the image with white and brown mushrooms dotting the growing surfaces

How it’s Configured

The Supervisor uses the PikBridge App to configure each of the PikAssist machines to the required configuration for boxes or tills. There is also a group configuration option to set up multiple devices at once. Each PikAssist can store 3 different configurations in order to easily switch from one order to another during the shift using a simple A, B, or C selection. Beyond configuration, the Supervisor can use the Pikbridge App to track pounds picked, order fulfillment, and harvest efficiency.

Mushroom Automation

Each PikAssist comes in 2 parts that are easily connected to the lorry without tools and can be carried comfortably.

PikAssist has been tested effectively in a variety of farm styles, from traditional wooden beds to Dutch-style grow rooms. We have ensured that however your farm is set up, adopting PikAssist is as seamless as possible and will immediately contribute to your harvest efficiency.

The PikBridge App

While the PikBridge App can easily configure target harvest profiles and add them to the PikAssist, it also adds plenty of other useful tools for the farm.

All production data is automatically downloaded to the PikBridge app and saved to be accessed at any time. This includes harvesting data from each device and each worker. Real-time data displaying pounds picked and average and maximum harvest rates are clearly displayed, while also including forecasting for customer order fulfillment.


What rates are achieved with PikAssist?

A picker can use both hands and will work at more than double the rate they typically pick. We have seen some workers triple their typical harvesting rate.

How does installation work after purchase?

Each PikAssist comes in 2 pieces that are easily carried. The picking worker can easily mount the device to the picking lorry. Custom brackets make it easy for installation in just a few minutes. Mounting the device is not technically difficult. After the worker has done it once, it will be easily remembered for next time

How much does each device weigh?

Each piece weighs less than 15 kg (35 pounds), we’ve worked to make sure a picker can carry each piece without difficulty.

Do I have to convert the whole farm to PikAssist?

If your entire farm is converted, the savings will be greater. However, you can purchase as many PikAssists as you want – from 1 to hundreds.

The advantage is that use of a PikAssist does not require any other changes in your farm. For example, if you used plastic lugs before, you can use the same ones again.

Do I need to check-weigh in the Packaging room?

Weights will be as close as possible, accurate to a single mushroom. There is no need to check weights. However, we would recommend continuing to check until you have some experience with PikAssist and have confirmed the accuracy.

How long does worker training take?

Workers only need to select which profile using arrows on a keypad, and then press the green start button. The conveyor will automatically move and load every punnet or box accurately. When it is finished, the container is moved toward the worker for them to replace the loaded container with an empty one. Training takes just a few minutes.

What does PikAssist use for power?

Standard power tool batteries provide the power. A single battery will run the PikAssist for over 8 hours. Extra batteries can be purchased from PikAssist or most hardware stores.

How do I clean the PikAssist to our sanitation standards?

PikAssist can be cleaned with the same cleaning agents you use in your existing sanitation procedures.

What are general maintenance requirements?

The most important maintenance item is to keep the machine clean. Buildup of product on the pulleys or the moving components will cause premature wear.